Gaea 2.0 - Release Date Announcement

Gaea 2.0 will be released on July 24, preceded by a public beta starting on late June.

Gaea 2.0 - Release Date Announcement

Creating Gaea 2.0 has been a long adventurous trek. From rewriting the entire application and engine to be future-friendly, to integrating 6+ years of feedback that you gave us, to creating a new paradigm for working with terrains. Oh, and a pandemic in the middle.

Delicate control meets powerful Surface modifiers in Gaea 2.

Gaea 2.0 is now close to completion. We are pleased to announce that on July 24, the software will be production-ready!

Gaea 2.0 will be production ready on July 24.

That's not all - we're opening the beta to the public on June 19 so our everyone can try the software before moving their pipelines and workflows to what will soon become the new standard for terrain design.

Workflow Advances

Gaea 2.0 advances terrain workflows in four key areas.

Shape preserving Surface nodes can create intricate medium and small scale terrains.
  • New erosion algorithms built from the ground up to give you powerful, hyperreal erosion that you've never seen before. See instant results whether you're using GPU or CPU.
  • Volume preserving surface nodes to alter terrains without changing the overall volume or silhouette.
  • Close integration with Unreal Engine and Houdini to reduce roundtrips and to drive PCG/procedural generation from bespoke geological data.
  • Hybrid Builds (which will soon lead to God Mode) redefine how artists and engineers think, plan, execute, and consume terrains.
Gizmos make it easy to merge and manage terrains.
Terrain Regions - the heart of Hybrid builds - help you break away from outmoded terrain design workflows.

The Gaea journey does not stop on July 24. Gaea 2.0 is just the first release. In late Q3 you will get Gaea 2.1, and Gaea 2.2 around Christmas. These major updates - free for all users as always - will add God Mode, Network/Cloud builds, advanced SDK, and a lot more.

We plan to deliver a major update every quarter in 2024 and 2025.

Bridges and Native Plugins

Gaea 2.0 will ship with plugins for Unreal Engine 5 and Houdini 20+.

Gaea Tools for Unreal Engine 5 - direct import and re-sync of terrains.

Gaea Tools for Unreal Engine will be available free of cost to all edition users. In Gaea 2.1, we will add higher functionality such as texture layer management, micro-adjustments, and more for Professional and Enterprise editions of Gaea.

Further details will be posted on the blog soon.

Gaea2Houdini - native access to Gaea erosion and other processes inside Houdini

Gaea2Houdini will be available to Professional and Enterprise edition users.

Buy Gaea 1.0 (and get 2.0 for free!)

This is your last chance to get both Gaea 1.0 and Gaea 2.0 for the price of one!

Gaea 2.0 and 1.0 are not compatible as Gaea 2.0 runs on a different engine. However, both are designed to run side-by-side.

If you want to follow older tutorials, or just need to stick to a battle-tested platform for a current production you can stay with Gaea 1.0 and switch to Gaea 2.0 at your convenience.

Gaea 1.0 will no longer be available for purchase once Gaea 2.0 is released. Existing users will continue to get download access.

You can also bake out shapes in Gaea 1.0 and process them in 2.0, preserving full parity between the two versions.